You can get over $1,000 OFF this RTX 4060 gaming laptop right now — no, I’m not kidding

Right now, this RTX 4060 gaming laptop is available for $1,100 off at Newegg (opens in new tab). No, that is not a typo — to use a slang term from my homeland, the value for money here is bonkers.

Why is it bonkers? Well not only does this Hassee TX 16-inch system pack the latest GPU, it sports the latest and greatest Intel Core i9 CPU, alongside a ton of DDR5 RAM and a beautiful display. Quite simply, turns out we didn’t need to wait long for the best RTX 40 series laptop deal to come along…

So, let’s address the obvious question here: why was an RTX 4060 laptop worth $2,799 to begin with? The answer is all about balance. Hassee has taken an interesting approach — providing this beasty mid-range GPU with absolutely no reason to be throttled by throwing in the most powerful CPU on the market right now.

The TX provides a 5.4 GHz Intel Core i9-13900HX (the most powerful laptop CPU you can get right now), alongside 16GB of DDR5 RAM and a 1TB PCIe Gen 4 SSD. Translation: this thing is a high performance beast.

And I get some of you may look at the 4060 a little suspiciously as the weak link of the system. But stop for a second, because DLSS 3.0 is a secret super weapon that guarantees sky high frame rates, and even (in my opinion) makes RTX 4090 laptops a little redundant for most gamers.

Add a ton of I/O (including HDMI 2.1) and that magnificent display up top, and this is a jaw dropping gaming laptop deal worth your hard-earned money.

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