Yes, you can actually WEAR this new RTX 4070 gaming laptop: 3 ways you can style it

Asus, which consistently tops our “most innovative laptop company” list (I mean, have you seen its 3D laptop?!), is continuing to set the bar high with this stunning new marriage of fashion, art and gaming tech. Meet the ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM — arguably the most stylish, versatile and fashionable gaming laptop we’ve ever seen.

Not only does it exude futuristic haute couture vibes, but it packs a punch internally, too, with a beastly 13th Gen Intel i9 H-series CPU, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 40-series GPU, and more. Talk about intermingling power and style into one schmexy gaming laptop!

ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM: 3 ways you can style this beastly gaming laptop

If a pair of high-end cargo pants, adorned with carabiner clips and buckles, made sweet, sweet love to a herculean gaming laptop, it’d birth the stunning ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM.

This stylish Asus gaming laptop would make its parents proud with its versatility and flexibility. Equipped with a unique, removable strap system, the ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM can be styled in many ways, but here are our favorite three modes:

1. The stabilized grip

ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM (Image credit: Asus)

2. The crossbody

ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM (Image credit: Asus)

3.  The neckhanger

ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM (Image credit: Asus)

As you can see, the ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM is also a 2-in-1 stunner, so it is a versatile fashion icon on its own. Thanks to its built-in kickstand, it can transform into a number of convenient postures à la the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. (Flip through the gallery below and see for yourself.)

Image 1 of 3

(Image credit: Asus)(Image credit: Asus)(Image credit: Asus)

And I know you see that striking detachable keyboard! 

Asus ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM (Image credit: Asus)

It doubles as a cover and wrapped in high-quality leather that protects the laptop. Several keys, colored with khaki, off-white and pale yellow hues, will catch your eye as you glide across this keyboard while working or gaming.

Asus ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM specs

As mentioned, the Asus ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM is more than just a trailblazer in the high-fashion tech space. It’s a powerful gaming laptop that will appeal to content creators and triple-A title lovers alike.

Its specs include the following:

A 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H processor An Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU32GB of DDR5 RAM1TB of SSD storageA 13.4-inch, 165Hz, 500-nit QHD display with a 3ms response rateA Thunderbolt 4 port, USB 3.2 Gen 2 USB Type-C port, USB 3.2 Type-A port, headset jack, and a microSD card readerIt has dimensions of 11.8 x 8.1 x 0.1 inches and weighs 2.6 poundsWho’s the genius behind this design?

Asus tapped into Errolson Hugh’s expertise for the Asus ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM, a famous fashion icon who’s collaborated with popular brands like Nike that resonate with streetwear lovers who love an angular, futuristic edge to their fashion.

Hugh also has his own fashion line called Acronym (hence Asus ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM). Laptop Mag Content Editor Jason England says some of Hugh’s designs remind him of Assassin’s Creed fashion with a futuristic spin, which I thought as a pretty spot-on description. You can find Hugh’s Acronym pieces on the likes of Drake, John Mayer, and Travis Scott.

One of my personal favorites of Hugh’s is the Burton Analog Clone MD Snowboarding Jacket, which features a remote control in one sleeve to help you manage your music. 

Burton Analog Clone MD Snowboarding Jacket (Image credit: Burton)

It debuted in 2002, so Hugh’s been in the fashion game for quite a while — he’s been revolutionizing fashion since the mid-1990s to be exact. 

This is the second time Asus has collaborated with Hugh to roll out a laptop with his design flair. In 2020, Hugh put is “stank” on the ROG Zephyrus G14 ACRNM.

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