This wild gaming keyboard has a custom display — and its own CPU and GPU

The best gaming keyboards may offer an array of RGB effects, but this crazy gaming keyboard from Finalmouse adds an actual display underneath its transparent keys — and it’s powered by its own CPU and GPU to run video clips, animations, and “interactive skins” powered by Unreal Engine 5.

From Finalmouse, a company known for its collection of gaming mice with unique designs, the Centerpiece Keyboard surprisingly adds another display to your desk setup. Thanks to transparent keycaps and switches, users can outfit the mechanical keyboard with a variety of interactive visuals — from koi fish swimming in and out of frame that swim away when you tap a key to a space rocket launch. One thing’s for sure, it won’t be easy to find the right key for non-touch typists.

The custom display, which the company calls a “Laminated Displaycircuit Glass Stack (LDGS),” is placed right beneath the keycaps, which offer “custom autolubed linear mechanical” switches codeveloped with Gateron. These have been inspired by Gateron’s BlackInk switch, but apparently have faster actuation. Oh, and the sound the keys make are resemble “soft marble raindrops.” Finalmouse also states there will be an analog hall effect switch option coming as well.

Interestingly, the gaming keyboard has its own CPU and GPU, meaning it won’t take any of your PC’s resources while displaying video clips or interactive animations. Speaking of, these “interactive skins” react whenever a user types. For example, explosions happen wherever you press, and there appears to be an interactive game right on the keyboard, too. 

(Image credit: Finalmouse )

While the number of interactive skins isn’t clear, the company will have a skin marketplace via the Finalmouse Steam app: the Freethinker Portal. Users can submit their customized skins for free or monetize them, allowing for a collection of different animations or video clips to display on the keyboard.

The Centerpiece keyboard can hold three skins, and users can switch between them using “dedicated buttons on the side.”

As for the keyboard itself, the Finalmouse Centerpiece sports an anodized aluminum case and CNC engravings around the frame, and is connected using a single USB-C port. What’s more, there’s a “brightness knob” on the right that can turn off the display.

The Finalmouse Centrepiece is expected to arrive in early 2023 and will be priced at $349, according to the reveal video. We’re sure to hear a few more details in the lead-up to its launch, including the number of pre-loaded skins that will be available and how the Freethinker Portal app will work. 

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