This Adobe and Christian Cowan collaboration feels like photoshopping clothes in real-time

Forget static garments. At New York Fashion Week, visionary designer Christian Cowan unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with Adobe: the world’s first electronically reconfigurable dress. Crafted with Adobe’s “Primrose” technology, this stunning creation redefines what’s possible in fashion, where art and technology dance in perfect harmony.

Cowan’s showstopper features laser-cut polymer “petals” that morph at the flick of a switch, transforming into his signature stars. This magic lies in flexible printed circuit boards beneath the petals, allowing them to shift between shades, bringing the dress to life. It’s a testament to the boundless potential of Primrose, blurring the lines between static clothing and dynamic expressions of art.

Tech fashion is the future

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Cowan, ever pushing boundaries, was immediately drawn to the technology’s potential and its sustainable edge. “I am honored to be the first designer to showcase how this impactful technology can bring fabric and designs to life in ways like never before,” he proclaims.

This collaboration, born from Adobe MAX 2023, is a testament to the power of imagination and collaboration. In just two months, a concept became a breathtaking reality. “Primrose empowers designers to dream bigger and envision garments that evolve,” says Gavin Miller, Head of Adobe Research. “This dress exemplifies Adobe’s vision to shape the future of creativity and design.”

It was Adobe’s tools that played a crucial role, from mapping the intricate circuitry to animating the dress’s mesmerizing transformations. This is just the beginning. As creativity and technology intertwine further, fashion, like other industries, stands poised for a revolutionary transformation, and Adobe is at the forefront, empowering designers to redefine what’s possible.

Final Thoughts

I know, we’re a laptop-focused tech mag, so why should I care? One, I worked in fashion producing photo and video shoots. The combination is interesting because it just proves that the technology we use daily is spreading out to all industries. 

If you want a more direct connection, a great deal of the design that went into the dress was naturally done on laptops and tablets, yet another example of mobile computing driving a multi-billion dollar industry forward. 

Also, it’s just really cool to see something designed from the ground up, come to life like this stunning dress from Christian Cowan, it is a living, breathing piece of art powered by technology. 


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