The best Surface Pro cases in 2021

The best Surface Pro cases aren’t just the modern equivalent of backing your books with wrapping paper or paper bags. Of course, jazzing up the look of your Surface Pro is nothing to scoff at, but some cases can add increased protection, more storage and enhanced functionality. 

Scratches, nicks, dents, and cracks can all instantly spoil the Surface Pro’s magnesium alloy exterior, tarnishing Microsoft’s efforts of making one of the most stylish 2-in-1s available. Even the simplest of covers can go a long way to preventing damage. So, if you’re the type of person who’s prone to more drops than an EDM concert, a little extra protection can never hurt.

Not all cases are designed solely for protection; some cases allow for extra storage, or make efforts to present the Surface Pro as more of an executive device. There are many different case styles available to purchase, each with its strengths. Here at Laptop Mag, we’ve scoured through those designs to find the best Surface Pro cases so you don’t have to.

What are the best Surface Pro cases?

If you’re looking for a case that will protect your Surface Pro from everything but a direct hit from an artillery shell, the Kensington BlackBelt 2nd Degree is the rugged case of your dreams. Designed in collaboration with Microsoft and engineered to military standards against shock damage, the BlackBelt 2nd Degree is unmistakably tough. It offers fantastic protection from falls or scratches, and its MIL-STD-810G certificate is all the confirmation we need to make it our top pick as the best rugged case for Surface Pro devices.

Fintie Case (Image credit: Fintie)

Something a little more lightweight and colorful is the Fintie Case. This great value folio style case comes in a wide range of designs and materials. While not as protective, its fold-out design will protect the Surface Pro from scuffs and scratches across the body and screen. With prices starting as low as $14.99, the Fintie Case is a great way to add some personality to your device without stretching your bank account.

Are you and your Surface Pro more nomadic in nature? If so, you’re going to need something to keep your 2-in-1 safe along your travels. The TomToc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve, with its ultra-cushioned interior, could be ideal for peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your device. CornerArmor gives this sleeve at least some shock protection, though only a fraction of what hardshell or rugged cases can manage. Still, for a sleeve, the available protection is impressive, as is its very affordable $19.99 price tag.

(Image credit: Kensington)1. Kensington BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case

Best rugged case for Surface Pro 4-X

Shock protection up to 4 feet

Easy kickstand/keyboard access

Built-in Surface Pen holder w/ tether

Self-adjusting hand strap

Weight increase


Rugged cases aim to protect your device against severe damage from shocks or drops. Case manufacturer Kensington collaborated with Microsoft to develop the BlackBelt series of rugged cases; its latest offering is the BlackBelt 2nd Degree. The goal was to supply Surface Pro users with military-grade drop protection that doesn’t sacrifice function, form, or fit.

The result is an impressively sturdy case that doesn’t have the same level of bulk as most rugged cases. It also doesn’t look overly armored or militarized, meaning your Surface Pro won’t have to cosplay as something a Call of Duty avatar might pull out after a killstreak. However, Kensington’s case will add around 380g (13.4oz) to the Surface Pro, almost half the weight of a Surface Pro 7 itself. The good news is that this extra weight translates into fantastic protection against everything from shocks to scratches.

A MIL-STD-810G drop-tested certificate indicates the case is capable of handling falls from up to 4 feet without any damage, making the BlackBelt 2nd Degree a godsend to those with butterfingers. True to its goals, the BlackBelt 2nd Degree won’t obstruct the Surface Pro’s kickstand or keyboard, and even adds a Surface Pen holder (with tether) and a self-adjusting hand strap.

The Kensington BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case has models compatible with the Surface Pro 4 through Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X, with prices starting at $59.99. If that seems steep at first, weigh it against the cost of having to replace your much more expensive Surface Pro due to accidental damage.

(Image credit: Fintie)2. Fintie Hard Case

Best anti-shock case for Surface Pro 4-7+

Anti-shock protection

Kickstand protection

Built-in Surface Pen storage



Hardshell or anti-shock cases might not offer the same level of protection as a rugged case, but they are generally lighter and less bulky. An anti-shock case is a much more practical choice for day-to-day use, especially if your Surface Pro only spends a fraction of its time away from a desk.

The Fintie Hard Case is well-reviewed and makes for great lightweight protection for Surface Pro 4 through Surface Pro 7+ devices. It may not have a MIL-STD certificate to brag about, but its strong polycarbonate frame and corner support will still offer a good degree of shock resistance. The beveled polycarbonate frame will offer some protection from nicks and scratches while letting you keep your Surface Pro on display. Which is great news for people who have a wrapped device and don’t want to have it hidden away behind a cover.

The Fintie store lists its Hard Case at $29.99, which isn’t bad for such a highly-rated product. There are also several colors available to choose from, both opaque and semi-transparent.

(Image credit: Tom Toc)3. TomToc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve

Best travel sleeve for Surface Pro 3-X

Cushioned against impacts

CornerArmor protection

Fits a wide variety of Surface Pro models

Carry handle

Limited shock protection

The TomToc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve might blur the line between a sleeve and travel case, but it remains a fantastic solution for keeping your Surface Pro well protected when you’re on the go. Cushioned from all sides with ultra-thick padding, your Surface Pro is likely to avoid any damage from accidental knocks whilst in transit. 

CornerArmor protection handles any bumps the sleeve may encounter, absorbing the brunt of most shocks or falls. Higher falls may be an issue, but as a sleeve meant to be carried at the waist or below, the cover should be able to handle itself nicely. There’s also nothing in the rulebook that states you can’t use the TomToc 360 in conjunction with another case. Which can effectively double, if not triple the protection at hand.

The TomToc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve is compatible with Surface Pro 3 through X devices and is currently available for $19.99 in grey, dark blue, and black. The argument about whether this is a sleeve or a case rages on, regardless, the TomToc 360 is a fantastic sleeve, case, thing for travel at a very affordable price.

(Image credit: iCarryAll)4. iCarryAll Folio

Best premium folio case for Surface Pro 4-X

Fantastic storage

Genuine leather

Surface Pen holder

A true portfolio case

Not much protection

iCarryAll’s folio case is much less of a padfolio and much more of a genuine portfolio. Featuring a ton of additional storage options, the iCarryAll Folio has room for pens (both regular and Surface Pro), your phone, documents, business or credit cards and more.

The iCarryAll Folio case does have room for two similarly sized 2-in-1 or tablet devices, with one tucked into a sleeve and the other mounted in the case. However, with its lack of any real protection and very little stopping the two from colliding, the proverb about not putting all of your eggs in one basket does come to mind.

While its genuine leather exterior will offer some degree of water resistance, the extended edges of the case are all you can rely on to be able to take the majority of any shock-related blows. As a desktop case, the iCarryAll has everything you could need, though as a mobile case, it’s best tucked away inside a larger bag.

You can pick up an iCarryAll Folio case compatible with Surface Pro 4 through 7+ and Surface Pro X models for $89. It may be sold at a premium price, but as a genuine leather product with such an impressive level of storage, this folio could remain your go-to carry-all for years to come.

(Image credit: Fintie)5. Fintie Case

Best folio case for Surface Pro 4-X

Great variety

Good value

Some extra storage

Adjustable viewing angles

Very little shock protection

The Fintie Case comes in a variety of materials and colors, making it one of the better folio cases for those wishing to personalize the look of their Surface Pro. Featuring a fold-out design and magnetic lock, this folio case will protect your device from any potential scuffs or scratches you may pick up through day-to-day usage.

The case itself can be folded to accommodate multiple viewing angles, and precise cutouts in the case ensure you’ll have easy access to ports and the Surface Pro’s camera. The outside of the case features a small pocket with just enough room to store notes or a USB-C adapter, though little else.

In terms of protection, the Fintie Case doesn’t offer much more than a sturdy build. Shock damage from falls won’t receive the same amount of cushioning supplied by a rugged or hardshell case, making it a wise decision to invest in a decent screen protector at the very least.

The Fintie Case is available for both Surface Pro 4 through Surface Pro 7+ models and the Surface Pro X. Prices begin at $14.99 but can increase depending on chosen colors, patterns, and materials. So, if you want a case that has a little more personality to it, all while keeping your Surface Pro looking sharp, look no further.

(Image credit: ESR)6. ESR Executive Business Case

Best business folio for Surface Pro 4-7+

Business chic

Document storage

Surface Pen storage

Faux leather

Pricey for what it is

Add a touch of executive style to your Surface Pro 4 through Surface Pro 7+ devices — without the executive price tag. The ESR Executive Business Case is a stylish folio made from faux leather with a microfiber lining. It’ll protect your device from nicks and scratches thanks to its fold-over design and magnetic lock. There’s a built-in Surface Pen holder to help you doodle your time away in important meetings, and even an inside pocket to store away business cards, important documents, or… whatever else it is executives store away.

There’s not much protection with this case, The faux leather exterior won’t do much in the way of cushioning a blow should your Surface Pro take a tumble. However, the elongated edges of this case could reduce a portion of the shock if the case lands on its sides. It’s quite a gamble to take though, meaning you’d be best stashing your Surface Pro inside of a larger bag if you’re on the move. 

You can pick up the ESR’s classy, Rolls Royce-esque Executive Business Case for $32.99, in any color you like… so long as it’s black.

(Image credit: HYZUO)7. HYZUO 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve

Best sleeve for Surface Pro 3-X

Water resistant microfiber leather

Color variety

Includes companion pouch

Little or no shock protection

While it does a great job of accommodating the Surface Pro 3 through Surface Pro X, HYZUO’s laptop sleeve won’t be claiming MIL-STD certificates any time soon. Sleeves like this offer the least protection overall, especially when it comes to shock damage. However, it’s great for throwing in a bag and not having to worry about it while you go about your day. Plus, using a sleeve like this means that you get to enjoy your device as-is, with no additional weight or bulk.

Keeping your device safe from wear and tear are three protective layers. The first of which is a water-resistant microfiber leather surface, which is great if you’re caught in light showers or for avoiding disaster with spills. Below this is a layer of thickened shockproof felt, which will attempt to dampen any bumps or knocks. Finally, there’s a lining of high-density soft velvet making sure any friction between the sleeve and Surface Pro doesn’t result in scuffs or scratches.

The HYZUO 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve costs $17.99 and is available in more than 20 colors. It even comes with a smaller companion pouch to accommodate any cables or peripherals you may need to bring along with you. This is a welcome bonus, one that will potentially stop you from wedging these items into the Surface Pro’s sleeve and rendering all of HYZUO’s efforts moot.

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