Silent Hill Transmission: Silent Hill 2 Remake, Silent Hill F, Silent Hill Townfall and more



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Silent Hill f, which is meant to be the next new game in the Silent Hill franchise, has been revealed. We saw a cinematic trailer of a high school girl walking around a fog-invested town holding a pipe, becoming more and more beaten as the trailer progresses.


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A brief trailer for Silent Hill Ascension was revealed, but it’s hard to understand what’s going on besides the inclusion of a monster with a huge weapon interwoven between text messages about trying to save someone. It’s apparently a live series that will allow fans to watch story unfolds together.


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Return to Silent Hill received an exhaustive walkthrough from the film’s director, Christophe Gans. They didn’t have much to show outside of concept art, so the film is definitely in its early stages.


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A Silent Hill project published by Annapurna Interactive in development at No Code, the creators of Observation, has been revealed. The game is called Silent Hill Townfall and offered us a cryptic trailer showcasing a mysterious first look at what the game will look like. It seems to be a lower-budget but more stylized take on the series.


Akira Yamaoka, the composer for the original Silent Hill series, is returning to compose the Silent Hill 2 remake.


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A Silent Hill 2 remake in development with Bloober Team has been revealed. Quite a bit of footage was shown off, and it seems to be from-the-ground-up. It appears to be a PS5 exclusive for 12 months after release, also available on PC.


It seems that the Silent Hill Transmission event isn’t actually a livestream but instead a video premiere. It’s fully watchable from start to finish using the YouTube link in the base article. We’ll be sharing updates as we watch along.


The Silent Hill Transmission event begins 2pm PDT / 5pm EST / 10pm BST / 11pm CEST and can be watched on the official Silent Hill YouTube channel. We’re already aware (through leaks) that Silent Hill 2: Part 1 and Silent Hill: Ascension are among two of the games to be shown at this show. There’s also a film called Return to Silent Hill coming, but that’s where the leaks end. Considering that’s three whole projects, it’s likely going to make up the majority of this event.


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