Rumor debunked: Intel denies Arc GPUs are cancelled

Earlier today, rumors spread like wildfire that Intel’s Arc GPUs were cancelled internally and potentially eliminated entirely following the 3rd gen Intel Arc Celestial GPUs. This first surfaced on September 10, but today’s update reinforced the rumor, which of course, led to Twitter exploding with the news that the Arc GPU was dead. 

However, Raja Koduri the executive vice president and general manager of the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics (AXG) Group at Intel Corporation, vehemently denied these rumors via his Twitter account. 

we are 🤷‍♂️ about these rumors as well. They don’t help the team working hard to bring these to market, they don’t help the pc graphics must wonder, who do they help?..we are still in first gen and yes we had more obstacles than planned to ovecome, but we persisted…September 12, 2022

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Intel is moving forward as planned

An anonymous source at Intel confirmed to me that these rumors were false and that the “roadmap” is unchanged for Arc.” Arc GPUs are moving forward as planned. Just two days ago, on September 10, Koduri tweeted a pre-launch photo of an Intel Arc GPU being put through its paces at a lab in Toronto, Canada.

Bumped into this beauty in Toronto volume validation lab.. getting ready for launch! 11, 2022

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Leaker Moore’s Law is Dead tweeted, “Intel is Effectively Killing off ARC Discrete. Not kidding, it’s done.” The tweet and associated YouTube video, which cited a number of alleged quotes from Intel insiders on the current state and plans for Arc, got this runaway rumor train rolling.

This evening (morning?) I leak something I was hoping I wouldn’t have to…Intel is Effectively Killing off ARC Discrete.Not kidding, it’s done… @VideoCardz @AnilGanti @usmanpirzada @hms1193September 10, 2022

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In the end, rumors are sometimes nothing more than that, and sometimes they’re an incorrect interpretation of information received or overheard somewhere. While anything is possible in the future, both official and unofficial statements confirming that Intel is moving forward with its discrete Arc GPU launch is convincing. We can’t wait to see how upcoming generations of Arc handle everything our lab throws at it. Whatever the results are, a little more competition in the GPU game is good for consumers and may even push AMD and Nvidia to create more innovative GPU solutions. 

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