Qualcomm teases a big Snapdragon X announcement for April 24

In a vague teaser, Qualcomm has indicated a big Snapdragon X chipset announcement is coming early next week. Could it be the Snapdragon X Elite is finally launching?

Qualcomm posted a teaser video to the official Snapdragon X account on Friday, requesting us to “👀 Stay tuned for 4/24.” 

The video includes renders of a CPU chipset which are then replaced by 3D renders of an “X.”

Qualcomm’s April announcement: what we know

In a word, little. As far as we can tell, Qualcomm’s announcement for April 24, 2024, concerns a new chipset. 

But Qualcomm has two Snapdragon X chips in the works. It could be the long-awaited launch of the Snapdragon X Elite or the official confirmation of the Snapdragon X Plus. It could also be both

Given the leaked Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Snapdragon Edition renders that hit the internet earlier this week, this announcement could be the official launch event for the X Elite chipset.

👀 Stay tuned for 4/24. pic.twitter.com/8SQ6SfZPT8April 18, 2024

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We know quite a bit about the Snapdragon X Elite and the Snapdragon X Plus. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite is set to be the most powerful ARM chipset to date, with dedicated AI PC features and as much as 45 TOPs of NPU performance. An entry-level version of the chipset will be sold as the Snapdragon X Plus for a more budget-conscious option.

The X Elite performs 21% better than the Apple M3 chip on Geekbench, and we were blown away by its performance on Davinci Resolve at a recent demo event.

An upcoming Windows 11 AI feature may even be exclusive to Snapdragon X Elite PCs.

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