New Apple AR/VR headset leak reveals its powerful components — here’s what’s inside

Earlier today, MacRumors reported that respected Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple would be “showing off” its upcoming AR/VR headset at WWDC 2023. Kuo claims that Apple is preparing for the long-awaited launch of its foray into the AR/VR market. 

Not too long ago, Kuo warned that Apple was pushing back the launch of its AR/VR headset to the third quarter of 2023, but rescinded this prediction based on supply chain analysis. In a recent post on Medium, Kuo explains that the five major components involved in the headset are expensive and powerful.

What components make up Apple’s AR/VR headset?

Apple’s AR/VR headset will come packed with Sony, TSMC, Everwin Precision, Cowell, and Goretek components. They comprise 4K micro-OLED displays, dual M2-based processors, the headset casing, 12 optical cameras for tracking hand movements, and the external power supply. 

All those parts are expensive and powerful. Two M2- based processors are mind-blowing when you consider how potent they’ve been in laptops and iPads. The rumored cost of $3,000 per headset now makes sense, as does Apple’s target audience of content creators, professionals, and developers. 

Because of the price, Apple reportedly does not expect them to fly off shelves like the latest iPhones. Pundits speculate that sales will reach seven to ten million units in the first year. Although we have seen tons of rumors, leaks, and supposed renders, the official announcement is expected on June 5, 2023 at WWDC. 

Earlier today, Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus (and the mastermind behind the Oculus Rift S), tweeted, “The Apple headset is so good.” How does he knows this? We have no clue, but we’re guessing he’s gotten his hands-on experience with it and he’s impressed.

Luckey is arguably responsible for the virtual reality tech boom, so his first impressions tweet holds plenty of weight in the VR sphere.

Are you ready to shell out $3,000 for Apple AR/VR headset, or will you stick to the more affordable Meta Quest Pro ($999)? It is a question many will ask themselves. Sure Apple’s primary target audience is likely developers and content creation professionals, but that will not stop Apple stans from plunking down $3,000 to be the first of their friends to own a pair. Guess we’ll find out at WWDC 2023.

To stay on top of Apple AR/VR headset news, check out our oft-updated Apple AR/VR headset rumor hub.


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