Microsoft Teams update lets you personalize your experience with these new features

A new Microsoft Teams update is adding features to make the user experience more personal and engaging. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, video conferencing has become the main meeting tool for professionals, friends, and family. 

Microsoft is now taking steps to make it a more personalized experience where users can express themselves more. One approach the company is taking is opening Microsoft Teams to third-party developers and creating more enjoyable user environments and fuller meeting experiences via personalization apps and added services. 

During Microsoft’s recent Build 2021 event, CEO Satya Naydella stated that Teams now averaged 145 million daily active users. In a blog post on Microsoft 365, the company stated, “To further help you build collaborative apps, we are sharing new integration opportunities and enhanced developer tools for the organizing layer, Teams.”

Microsoft is releasing a newly enhanced Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, SharePoint Framework, to help developers create new features. Microsoft also recently launched an all-new Developer Portal for Microsoft Teams, making it much easier for devs to register and build apps within a dedicated app console that will be readily available on the web. 

The changes will allow users to enjoy additional applications and create customized scenes in Together Mode, adding a personal touch to your Team’s meetings. The company also said that Microsoft Teams would be adding some media APIs that will “provide real-time access to audio and video streams to build scenarios like transcription, translation, note-taking, insights gathering and more.”

Making Microsoft Teams more homey will hopefully help those hours-long meetings and calls become more tolerable, 

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