Microsoft Edge Beta is now available for Linux — including Ubuntu

After being in the Dev Channel for some time now, the Microsoft Edge browser for Linux-based systems has moved into Beta mode and is available for download. The newly released Edge Beta is a stable preview that you can begin trying on your Linux systems, including those running Unbuntu and Fedora. 

The new stable Beta will also be receiving updates every six weeks, so if you run into any issues, they will most likely be addressed in the upcoming updates. So far, reports have been that the Beta is fairly stable but if you’re interested in receiving more request updates, you can download the Microsoft Edge Dev or Microsoft Edge Canary for your Linux device.

Microsoft has gone all-out with a plethora of recent updates to the Chromium-based Edge browser as the company hopes to push Edge past Google’s Chrome and take its place as the leading Chromium-based browser. 

For those Linux users inclined to test the new Edge browser deeply, you can also use the Linux version of Edge Beta within the Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10, which is a handy option to have. 

I love a good browser war, don’t you? 

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