MacBook Air 15: 3 Reasons to buy and 1 reason you should skip it

Apple just announced the Macbook Air 15-inch powered by the impressive M2 chipset. Although it feels like they should’ve released this a year ago, it’s still fascinating. With its larger retina display, this variant of MacBook Air gives Apple fans and creatives an additional option they’ve been craving for some time.  

Although many consumers were hoping the newest and largest MacBook Air 15 would arrive with the highly anticipated M3 chipset, sadly, it had launched with last year’s M2, and mostly it’s the larger display that is considered its primary selling point. Is this enough to get people lined up and credit cards all ablaze? For many Apple faithful, the answer is a resounding yes, and I can think of three reasons why you should swipe your card and go home happy and one reason you should save your money and wait. 

Three reason to buy the MacBook Air 15

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I can think of several reasons to whip out my credit card, swipe it at my local Apple store, and walk home a pleased new MacBook Air 15-inch owner. First, the obvious, a larger, beautiful 15-inch display that gives me more screen acreage to work on. Also, it’s the most affordable large-screen MacBook now available. 

The second apparent reason is the performance of the M2 chipset, which is fantastic, especially for creatives like myself. Its thin and light form factor makes it the best mobile content creator laptop with a 15-inch display. 

Last, but it could have been, first, battery life. With up to 18 hours of battery life, you can get your work done on the go without much difference in performance. It is reassuring to drop the MacBook Air 15 into a backpack and leave the house knowing I can get a full day’s work out of it. Pushing documents and editing photos and videos without being tethered to a wall outlet grants users a great deal of freedom.

Here’s the one reason you should skip it

We’re pretty sure the M3 chipset will be unleashed later this year. Apple has already bought up most of TSMC’s 3nm process chips. Also, the rumor is that Apple has already begun building laptops with its next-gen chipset in tow. However, it seems the M3 CPUs will first be launched within its MacBook Pro lineup. 

So do you want to spend money now on a 15-inch variant of the MacBook Air, or wait till later this year and snag a spanking new MacBook that comes with the more powerful M3 chipset? It’s a question of 2022 M2 or 2023 M3; what should we do? 

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I will wait until the M3 arrives because shelling out big money twice in the same year for a new laptop is an economic strain for me and most in today’s economy. Although the M2 remains a robust and reliable chipset, rumors are that the M3 will see a significant performance boost in every area. 

The best things in life are worth waiting for, so I will sit back and wait for the M3 MacBooks to launch later this year while also allowing myself the financial space to enjoy my summer. However, if you need a new laptop, I can think of three laptops I would consider before the MacBook Air 15. 

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