Logitech G Cloud gaming handheld pre-order discount takes $50 off

Logitech’s G Cloud pre-order discount takes $50 off the soon-to-be-released gaming handheld. The brand’s Nintendo Switch-like system supports Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now.

Announced Wednesday, the Logitech G Cloud is slated for an October 18 release.

You can now preorder the Logitech G Cloud for $299 at Amazon (opens in new tab). That’s $50 off its regular price of $349 and one of the best gaming deals going on right now. 

Logitech’s G Cloud is optimized for cloud gaming and eliminates the need for downloads and hardware upgrades via WiFi and gaming subscriptions. Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now support lets you access libraries of PC and console games from the cloud. Additionally, the Google Play store app opens up a world of more services.

And what’s more, play games from afar with Xbox Remote Play and Steam Link.

The Logitech G Cloud features a 7-inch 1080p display and comfortable hand grip design. It has an Xbox button layout with D-Pad and asymmetrical analog sticks. Precision and performance are on par with today’s best controllers thanks to haptics, gyroscope and remappable controls.

With a rated battery life of over 12 hours on a full charge, you can spend more time gaming and less time recharging. 

“Cloud gaming is a super-exciting new way to play games. I love that you can access game libraries from anywhere,”  Logitech Gaming vice president and general manager said (opens in new tab) in a statement.

So if you want to take your favorite AAA titles into any room in the house or to go —the Logitech G Cloud is a solid option. 

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