iPhone 15 leaked benchmarks reveal its chip is SAVAGE — Samsung must be scared AF

According to a report on iMore, recently leaked Geekbench 6 results are purported to be the benchmark scores for the upcoming A17 Bionic chip inside the iPhone 15 Pro. If the numbers are legit, the improvement over the A16 in the iPhone 14 Pro is borderline ludicrous. 

According to the numbers leaked to Weibo (opens in new tab), Apple’s new A17 chip has a Geekbench 6 test score of 3,019 (single-core) and 7.860 (multi-core). If accurate, it easily surpasses the iPhone 14’s scores of 2,504 and 6,314, respectively — and it’s a giant leap forward. 

Are these benchmarks real? 

We cannot verify that these scores are legit via Geekbench.com, suggesting they’ve not been made public. In the past, though, several test scores leaked to Weibo have been proven accurate, so there is that to chew on and excite Apple fans.

However, verified leaker ShrimpApplePro cautions the masses to “take the results with a grain of salt.”

Alright 💀I haven’t found the link on Geekbench site yet so take it w a grain of MSG. https://t.co/0QTMXiTd3m pic.twitter.com/wu0DqcWzBQMarch 14, 2023

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If these scores are true, they will represent a massive success for Apple, which has cornered the market on chip foundry TSMC’s upcoming production of 3nm chips. This also means that Apple’s forthcoming M3 chipset, also based on the 3nm process, should see a considerable performance improvement. 

Overall, the 3nm chips deliver 70% higher logic density, a 15% boost in speed, and a 30% reduction in power hungriness while delivering the same level of performance as the 5nm chips previously used. This means you will get the same version you already experience while using less power. It also means you will see better performance using the same power level. Battery life may skyrocket, too, and when you’re talking about MacBook Pros, that is mind-blowing because we could be looking runtimes of over 20 hours. 

It’s worth noting that iMore pointed out that the A17’s alleged single-core score of 3,019 is zippier than every single desktop processor on the market (except for Intel’s Core i9-13900KS). “That includes every 13th Gen Intel chip below this model and AMD’s Ryzen 9 series,” iMore added. Whoa!

We won’t know all the details ’til September 2023 when Apple usually launches its latest and greatest iPhone. Until then, we will continue to mine the rumor mill and keep you informed. 

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