Intel teases Tiger Lake-H gaming performance with Hitman gameplay: Watch it here

Intel Gaming tweeted a video today showing an 11th Gen Tiger Lake H-series CPU-powered device playing Hitman at up to 238 frames per second. While hitting those types of frame rates would be awesome, we do not know what PC was used and what the other specs are. Was it using an integrated Intel GPU, or was it being helped along by an Nvidia chip?  

Built to hit framerates like no other.#11thGen Intel Core H-series processors coming soon…April 23, 2021

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At the bottom of Intel’s tweet was a link that takes you to the CES 2021 announcement page for the four new CPUs the chipmaker plans to release this year. Clearly, the H-series variant will be aiming to be the chip of choice in gaming laptops arriving this year and in 2022. 

Intel states, “Built to hit frame rates like no other,” which is a nice claim but we shall see if it holds true when the new CPUs arrive later this year. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger challenged competitors back in January 2021 when he stated, “Intel will reclaim its chipmaking crown,” which is a bold statement to make while Intel is still working with 10nm chips and others like AMD and Apple are already in the 7nm and 5nm realm. 

In March, leaked benchmarks showed that the upcoming 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs were not necessarily meeting expectations. Then in February, Intel released benchmarks that supposedly proved the 11th Gen Core i7-1185G7 CPU matched or exceeded the MacBook Pro M1’s processor in both native and non-native application performance. 

Once again, Intel seems to be picking a tough fight it may not win. Today’s tweet may be about stoking the flames of a CPU war but mostly about drumming up interest in Intel’s upcoming H-series CPUs; only time will tell if they actually get the job done. 

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