IFA 2022 live: The latest devices from the biggest tech show



(Image credit: Future)

Before I get into the Qualcomm keynote, this is the first thing I spotted while walking along the halls: AI Cats. These ones are from Maicat.ai, with the robotic cats boasting face- and voice-pattern recognition, OLED eyes, a speaker, and 20 actuators so they can act “naturally.”

Oh, and those weren’t the only AI cats prowling about…


And we’re kicking off! Welcome to the live blog, where I’ll be posting what I can find throughout the (many) halls of IFA 2022. There’s a lot to explore, and to put it into perspective, we’re nearly halfway through the day and I’ve already done over 10,000 steps. But there’s still plenty to see.

Oh, and check out @laptop_mag on Instagram for more on-the-ground coverage. 

(Image credit: Future)


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