How to change iPhone alarm sound

If you are searching for “how to change iPhone alarm sound” you are probably sick of waking up to the same sound every morning. The good news is that changing it is just a couple of taps away.

After months or years of waking up to the same alarm, you might be learning to tune it out or you just hate the sound with every fiber of your being; either way, a change can be healthy. 

Here’s how to change your iPhone alarm sound.

(Image credit: Future)How to change your iPhone alarm sound

1. Open the Clock app

2. Tap on the alarm that you would like to change

3. Tap on Sound

4. Select a sound (You can pick one of the free ringtones, any song from your library, or purchase a sound from the Tones store.

5. Now tap Back

That’s it! You’ll no longer be haunted by that same old song or tone and now you know how to change it quickly and easily when the new sound starts to cause that same creeping dread. 

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