How to block on TikTok

The last thing you want to see on your FYP is something negative, uncomfortable, or down right dumb — so let’s change that by teaching you how to block on TikTok.

You can also block haters that comment on your videos in bulk — up to 100 accounts at a time. Send them packing. We’ll teach you how to do both. And if blocking doesn’t help your issue, you can always learn how to reset your For You feed on TikTok — teach it what you like now.

Here’s how to block on TikTok.

How to block on TikTok
1. Find profile

Go to the profile of the account that you wish to block.

2. Tap top right icon

Tap the 3-dot icon or the share icon in the top right, whichever you see on your device. This’ll bring up a pop-up menu.

3. Tap Block

Hit the Block button and it’s as simple as that. TikTok will give you warning that you won’t be able to see messages or posts from this account and they won’t be able to see yours either. They won’t be able to find your profile, and they won’t be notified that they were blocked, either. However, this doesn’t include things like multi-host livestreams, duets posted by others, or group chats that you and the account participate in.

How to block on TikTok in bulk
1. Long press Comment

In your video, go to the comment section and long press any comment.

2. Tap Manage multiple comments

Click Manage multiple comments and go wild with selecting the number of accounts you wish to block (up to 100 comments).

3. Tap More

Once you’re done, instead of deleting the comments you want to click the More button.

4. Block accounts

Now you can hit Block accounts, which will rid you of up to 100 people’s negativity.

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