Fallout 76, New Vegas, and 3 are free on Prime Gaming to celebrate TV show’s launch

Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV show launched today, and beyond the incredible acclaim it’s getting from critics before release, it’s also being celebrated with the release of Fallout 76 and more on Prime Gaming. 

The Fallout TV show is partially created by Westworld’s Jonathan Nolan, as he directed the first three episodes (he’s also the brother of the legendary Christopher Nolan). Ramin Djawadi is also on the project, who is the legendary composer behind many Game of Thrones scores, and is composing the show.

Long story short, the hype for the Fallout show is off the charts, and to celebrate this occasion, you’ll be able to get Fallout 76, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, and Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition for free on Prime Gaming. 

Of course, if you have Xbox Game Pass, you already have access to these games. But even folks who do not have a subscription to it, and are an Amazon Prime Member, can redeem it on the Prime Gaming homepage on PC, while Fallout 76 is available for Xbox too.

How to redeem Fallout 76 on Prime Gaming and Microsoft Store

Fallout 76, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, and Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition are free on Prime Gaming to celebrate the launch of the Fallout TV show. In order to redeem the game, go to the Prime Gaming website, find Fallout 76 or whichever games you desire and select Claim. If you’re also a fan of older Fallout games, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is also currently free on the service.

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You can also watch all eight episodes of the Fallout TV show right now if you have a Prime subscription, so don’t miss out on the show. Of course, if you’re looking for some context into the series, you might want to play the games first. But we’re certain that the show can exist on its own without needing extensive knowledge of the franchise first.


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