Apple unveils new, er, ‘interesting’ looking 2023 Pride Band — how to get it

It’s about that time of year where companies love to capitalize on our identities and suffering, so naturally Apple unveiled its Pride Edition Sport Band for Apple Watch for a whopping $50. 

The band is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and beyond, and is available in 41mm and 45mm sizes. If you want to celebrate yourself without spending money, the new Pride Celebration watch face and iPhone wallpaper will be available next week. The face is just an extension of the poor effort put into the band, while the wallpaper actually looks neat.

If you’re still sold on the crappy rainbow sprinkle watch band, here’s how to get it.

How to get Apple Pride Edition Sport Band
1. Wait

The Apple Pride Edition Sport Band won’t be available to order until May 23 and won’t be in stores until May 24.

2. Pre-Order/Buy

Once May 23 hits, the Pride Edition Sport Band will be available to order on (opens in new tab). Like we mentioned earlier, it’s costs a whopping $50.

3. Download wallpaper

You need to update your watchOS to 9.5 and iOS to 16.5 in order to access the new Pride Celebration watch face and iPhone wallpaper.

It’s as simple as that to get access to the new Pride accoutrement. Although, I would just not pay $50 for a mediocre watch band.

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