Apple “got close” to launching a massive iPad this year, but I’m glad they didn’t

Apple has some great product ideas, but not all of them are home runs. A proposed gigantic iPad for 2023 is one such example — which has thankfully been left on the proverbial cutting room floor. 

According to Mark Gurman, Apple has been exploring the concept of a massive 14-inch iPad since 2021. That would be the largest model ever made since the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. However, for now, that project has been shelved indefinitely.

Thinking twice about thinking different

When I think of my optimal tablet experiences, a 10-inch screen has been enjoyable without feeling unwieldy. I love the iPad Mini’s form factor, and that adoration goes way back to my old faithful — the Google Nexus 7.

But a 14-inch tablet just sounds over the top. I know Apple is keen to blur that line between a laptop and a tablet, as Gurman claimed the company said as much. However, I feel this form factor is not best suited to gigantic displays. Can you imagine the hand strain of holding this thing while you use it on the go?

Leave the big screens to the laptops, and keep the tablets at a nice, portable size.


I can see the attraction on paper. Having a giant touchscreen canvas to work on like this would certainly be fun for resting on your lap in the living room. But ultimately, I’m glad Apple opted against making it a reality.

Bigger does not always mean better, and this situation would’ve been a little weird for all other use cases outside the home. For now, I’m waiting with baited breath for the new iPad Mini at Apple’s September event.


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