Android 12 will debut a new extra-dim mode: Is it better than dark mode?

Android 12’s new extra-dim mode will make late-night scrolling more enjoyable not just for you but if your significant is lying next to you. That’s because your Android phone will now go even darker, creating less glare to bother your eyes or the eyes of those nearby. 

Most phones will only go so dark, but this new feature goes above and beyond previous dark modes capabilities. The new feature was seen in a recent Android 12 developers preview and should be released to users next month, with a full release expected by the end of the year. 

At the moment, the Android extra-dim feature is only available to those who download the developer’s preview. The feature isn’t automated; however, you can create a shortcut for it. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones to have downloaded the preview, this is how you can turn the feature on. 

Just pull down the quick setting menu from the top of your screen and pull down once more to see more options. Then swipe left until you find the extra-dim toggle and tap to select. If you want more intimate control of the setting, hold down the icon and the settings for it will allow you to control the level of brightness. You can also go to the settings menu, then to accessibility and select extra-dim. 

Android 12 will debut with it a host of new features, and we will be bringing you all the leaks, news, and information as we continue our coverage of the upcoming Android refresh. 

H/T TechRadar

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