Acer Chromebooks offer the best of ChromeOS for every budget

ChromeOS has come quite a long way since its inception and has really come into its own as an operating system. What started out as an operating system that struggled to compete in a segment dominated by much more established players has evolved into an OS that delivers speed, performance, security, and ease-of-use for incredible value.

Built for speed 

Chromebooks receive automatic updates every month. These updates include improvements to security and software features that keep your laptop running smoothly (and getting better) over time. The best part is that they happen in the background, so there’s no downloading and waiting aimlessly for the system to update and reboot.

One of the biggest advantages of Chromebooks is that they’re designed to be up and running nearly instantaneously as soon as the lid opens. The software is built to be lightweight without slowing anything down during boot up. Plus, there are a bunch of features built into Chromebooks that help you get things done efficiently, like the Everything Button that can instantly search Google, Google Drive, apps, local files and more—all from one place.

Built for security

Chromebooks are all about security. No matter how you use a computer today, it’s vital to ensure that it stays protected so you don’t lose valuable files or data and Chromebooks are built from the ground up to ensure protection.  

Each Chromebook comes with a built-in Titan C security chip, which keeps your data secure, and the device protected. During boot up, it goes through a security check called “Verified Boot” and if anything unsafe is detected, it automatically switches back to a previous, known-safe software version. Over time, Chromebooks keep things secured with “Sandboxing,” a process that keeps different software separate, so even if you somehow land on a malicious site, the rest of the computer stays safe. And the best part is this is all built right into the Chromebook itself so there’s no need to buy any 3rd party virus protection.

Built for performance

Performance is about so much more than just specs these days. The power to perform and be truly productive comes down to having the apps you need and the power to run them. Chromebooks have both. 

With access to the Google Play store, there are apps for everything you need to do, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Office for productivity, Lumafusion or Adobe Lightroom for creativity, Netflix, Disney+ & more for entertainment, or playing your favorite games like Candy Crush or League of Legends. 

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And with available 12th-Gen Core i5 Intel processors, there’s plenty of power to handle anything you can throw at it. In short, multitasking or intense tasks like data processing or video editing are a breeze on Chromebook.

Easy to use

Whether answering an urgent email, taking notes in class or relaxing at home, all you have to do is open your Chromebook to get going. Chromebooks take care of everything in the background, so there aren’t any annoying pop-ups or reboots and all the tools you need are ready to use as soon as you open the lid. Just log in with your Google (Gmail) account, and you’re off and running. 

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Chromebooks are at their best when they’re made by companies with the experience and expertise to unlock the full potential of ChromeOS at a great value. Acer has built a reputation for making some of the best Chromebooks (opens in new tab) on the market and this year they’re better than ever. 

The Chromebook Spin 513 (opens in new tab) and Chromebook Spin 514 (opens in new tab) both come highly rated and offer tremendous value and the Chromebook Spin 714 (opens in new tab) brings even more power and performance to the table with a 12th-Gen Core i5 processor and plenty of RAM and storage for all your stuff.

Whether for work, school, or daily use, there’s never been a better time to check out an Acer Chromebook.


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